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Affordable Hypnotherapy and Counselling by a fully qualified Hypnotherapist

  • Almost all issues can be easily helped with just one easy and affordable session – do not be tricked into multiple sessions by unscrupulous therapists!
  • Check the Hypnotherapists qualifications – they should be at the very least degree qualified!
  • I do not practice stage hypnosis – do not trust your emotional well being to entertainers!
  • I am the North’s longest practising Hypnotherapist



Dr David Postlethwaite PhD, BSc (Psychol) PgD PsychotherapyHypnotherapist Dr Davivid Postlethwaite says offer Hypnotherapy and Counselling from my Gateshead consulting room or home visits across the Northeast of England.

Hypnotherapist  I have been in practice since 1990. Helping people with a variety of issues ranging from smoking and weight control, stress and anxiety, phobias and much more. My aim is always to help people in the shortest and most affordable way. Most of the clients I have seen I have been able to assist them with one session.  I am saddened when I hear that some therapists have said that multiple sessions are needed for the simplest issues. When an unscrupulous therapist does this, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The majority of people I see I can help with just one session; some more difficult issues may take up to three sessions.



Please do not confuse stage Hypnotists with Hypnotherapy; no respectable Hypnotherapist would be willing to perform on a stage.



Visit me in my Gateshead Consulting room only £95 or home visits across the Northeaast of England from £120.

Tel 0191 4408649 mobile 07596 673 319

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