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Hypnotherapy Prices and Counselling prices are as of September 2018                                            Home Page

I make a great effort to keep my Hypnotherapy prices as affordable as possible. You will see that in the price tables below I make reference to some treatments taking two or three sessions, this is the maximum number of sessions that could be required, I make every effort to help you within one session.

If you would like to arrange an appointment or like more details on Hypnotherapy prices, please call:

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                                              Hypnotherapy Prices

Band A

(Issues that require only one session)

Band B

(issues that require only two sessions)

Band C

(issues that require only three sessions)

Paying for each session individually £95:00 1st session  £95:00

2nd Session £65:00

Total            £160:00


1st session         £95:00

2nd/3rd session £65:00 (each)

Total cost           £225:00


Paying in advance on first session. N/A £140:00

(saving £20:00)


(saving £30:00)

                             Counselling Prices


(1 to 1 Counselling)


(two persons)

Paying by the session  






5 sessions pre-paid  


(saving £25:00)



(saving £25:00)

10 sessions pre-paid  


(saving £160:00)



(saving £260:00)


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Hypnotherapy Prices