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Help your Child Overcome their Fear of Flying

Help your child overcome their fear of flying with Hypnotherapy

Is your child afraid to go on an airplane?

If your child has seen, heard or read about plane crashes or accidents they may feel anxious and reluctant to travel this way in the future and this can prevent your family from having enjoyable holidays abroad together. Or you might feel restricted to traveling by boat or staying in your own country for holidays. With Hypnotherapy I teach your child empowering techniques which they can use to relieve any worries about flying.I also uses visual imagery and positive suggestions to enable your child to fly with ease. I usually find that children are excellent hypnotic subjects  because of  their wonderful imaginations. Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying ChildrenHypnosis is a completely safe and natural state which we all experience almost daily. Hypnotherapy makes use of this state by capturing your wonderful imagination and your subconscious mind to work  together to help your child overcome their fear of flying.

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