Hypnotherapy fear of flying

Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying: Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias, with an estimated one in 10 people experiencing a fear of flying. To those who do not suffer from anxiety, this may seem like an irrational fear. But our mind will create feelings of stress and anxiety when it believes we are in danger. Protecting us is the primary function of our subconscious mind, so if something is seen as a threat, actions will be taken. In Psychology, this is referred to as the ‘Flight or Fight’ action.

Statistically flying has been proven to be one of the safest ways to travel, but the fear of flying still grips much of the population. While statistically, flying is safer than driving a car or crossing a road, it is a fear that can interfere with our daily life. However, hypnotherapy eliminates the fear of flying.

Living with a fear of flying

Having a fear of flying can often interfere with personal holidays and business travel. This fear may cause a person to avoid a career that involves travel or even miss out on the pleasures of a family holiday abroad.

There are many aspects of flying that can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety, such as fear of having a panic attack, fearing the plane will go down, claustrophobia, being out of control and fear of terrorism. However,  many people can experience the fear of getting on a plane or even getting to the airport. Feelings of anxiety can start to arise when booking a holiday.

Not everyone who suffers from fear of flying will experience the same amount of distress. Fear of flying can range from mild anxiety before flying, to a state of absolute terror which can stop a person from getting on the plane or even leaving it once they have boarded.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Hypnotherapy works to connect with the subconscious. It aims to change our thoughts, behaviours and fears associated with flying, making it a more positive experience. Re-evaluating the reaction our subconscious mind creates can often help us to regain control over a fear and feel more at ease when anxious feelings arise.

Fear of Flying

Overcome fear of flying with Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy can help you to become a relaxed, calm thinker – leading you to feel safe and in control. Hypnosis uses relaxation techniques and the power of suggestion to promote a positive change. I will tailor the suggestions to you, with the aim of helping you recognise what triggers your fear and why, as well as changing your reaction.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. You are not in a trance at any time in the session. You are aware of your surroundings at all times.I will guide you into a very relaxed state of mind.

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