Fear of Needles Hypnotherapy; Are you anxious about routine blood tests? Do you panic at the thought of a holiday vaccination? Are you afraid of treatment that involves a needle? Do you have a fear of needles? If your needle phobia has you avoiding medical or dental help it could, quite literally, be the death of you!

Fear of Needles Hypnotherapy
Fear of Needles Hypnotherapy

Overcome your fear easily

I have a long and successful history of helping clients overcome their fear of needles with just one session of Hypnotherapy. Most of my clients have an acute sense of anxiety, a genuine fear of needles and injections of all kinds. After just one session, they go on to undergo medical interventions feeling calm, relaxed, and confident.


Where does the fear of needles come from?

So where does this fear originate? why is it so strong? How does it causes sweating, shaking, and in some cases vomiting or even fainting?

 Psychologists believe that it invariably results from a traumatic childhood experience. Your fear of needles is like any other phobia – an irrational fear that has been held in your subconscious mind. Unlike any other phobia, if it has you neglecting your health and the benefits medicine can offer, you are putting yourself at risk and have decided seek help now.

I use Hypnotherapy to access the parts of the mind where the fear response is stored. By removing the trigger (the needle) from the emotional response (fear) and re-setting your thought patterns and emotions with a realistic response, you will be cured of your phobia.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. At no time during the session are you in a trance. You are aware of your surroundings at all times.I will guide you into a very relaxed state of mind.

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