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Fear of cats Hypnotherapy
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Overcome your phobia of cats with Hypnotherapy

Not everyone thinks that cats are adorable  and cuddly and the fear of cats (ailurophobia or feline phobia) is more common than you might think – you are not alone!  Perhaps your fear of cats is  affecting you so much that you cannot live your life as you would like and now know that it is time to do something about it.

Fear of cats hypnotherapy
Overcome your fear – easily

If you suffer from a cat phobia you may find yourself anxious when a cat is in the room or sometimes even seeing one in a picture or on the television can send you into panic. As you may have experienced too, cats are often drawn to those that are fearful of them! If you are a parent this can be especially difficult as you do not want to pass your fear on to your child. You can be assured to discover that with Hypnotherapy I can eliminate your  fear of cats and you can be in control of your life again.

Why do you have a phobia or fear of cats?

You were not born with your fear of cats so it was something you learned as a child perhaps from a close relative or maybe you were bitten or scratched. There are of course lots of superstitions about cats, black ones in particular which could have had an effect on you. To beat this phobia know that as you have learned it, you can also unlearn it with just one session of hypnotherapy.

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