Fear of Wasps or Bees Hypnotherapy – overcome in one affordaable session

Fear of Wasps or Bees Hypnotherapy; The fear of Wasps or bees, or indeed bumble bees, hornets and other stinging insects is an extremely common phobia which can be not just irritating but also extremely disabling for anyone who has the misfortune to suffer from it. So much so that some people even refuse to leave the house during the summer.

It is, of course, necessary to be cautious of wasps and bees. However, using just one session of  Hypnotherapy  I can reduce your level of fear and anxiety from extremely debilitating to one of a healthy mutual respect! I can put you back in control of your life.

Fear of Wasps or Bees Hypnotherapy

What causes my fear of wasps or bees?

Phobias can often be related to a specific early triggering event,

Fear of Wasps or bees hypnotherapy

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very often stressful and anxiety causing which happened at an early age. We also sometimes ‘learn’ phobias from adults or other children as we grow up, in Psychology we refer to this as Social learning theory. You may have been stung as a child or seen someone close to you either is stung or panic around wasps. However, it does not matter what caused your phobia, what is important, is that is is a learned response, which can be unlearned!

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms, of course, vary according to the person but can include extreme anxiety, panic attacks, shortness of breath, inability to concentrate, very fast breathing, a pounding heart, sweating, nausea, dry mouth, and shaking.

How can I help me get over my phobia?

I use Hypnotherapy to achieve the best possible results.   By allowing a relaxed state with hypnotherapy, changes can be made at a subconscious level. The techniques are very successful for the vast majority of people. You are kept safe at all times, I do not use exposure therapy.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. At no time during the session are you in a trance. You are aware of your surroundings at all times.I will guide you into a very relaxed state of mind.

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