Fibromyalgia Relief Hypnotherapy

Fibromyalgia relief with Hypnotherapy
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Fibromyalgia Relief with Hypnotherapy

There is still little  known as to what causes Fibromyalgia, it appears as though  the central nervous system is affected causing pain.

It is believed that approximately 2% of the population  develop symptoms of Fibromyalgia, with women being affected more than men. Symptoms normally emerge between the ages of 25 and 55., with the pain and discomfort can be felt all over your body although more concentrated in your back and neck areas. Stress has been shown to be a major factor along with cold conditions and carrying heavy loads and heavy exercise. Therefore it is important that your mental health and well-being is looked after.

You may often experience chronic fatigue  and a lingering feeling of exhaustion experienced even after awakening from a full night’s sleep.  Fibromyalgia is often un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed for many years and only after studying your medical history and having a rigerous physical and blood tests to rule out other causes is then a diagnosis made. Fibromyalgia affects the fibrous tissues such as the ligaments and tendons however  it does not appear to affect the joints.

Doctors may recommend a treatment program consisting of medication, exercise and complementary therapies such as hypnotherapy.  Your medication is often in the form of painkillers and antidepressants which can also be used to ease pain and improve bodily function.  Some studies and research has shown exercise  to help the symptoms of Fibromyalgia these might include swimming, walking or yoga. It is also known that exercise also improves your mental health by releasing naturally occurring endorphins.

Hypnotherapy is emerging as one of the best complementary therapies in relieving the pain of Fibromyalgia. Many doctors are now recommending hypnotherapy as a worthwhile treatment in the management and reduction of pain.

A recent study carried out at the University of Iowa studied what happens to the brain during hypnotherapy. The researchers monitored chronic sufferers of Fibromyalgia in a hypnotic trance. It was found that there was reduced activity in the pain network area of the brain particularly in the area of the brain responsible for ‘feeling’ pain.

Hypnotherapy can be effectivley used to relieve many of the related symptoms experienced by sufferers allowing them to better manage the frequency and intensity of flare ups.

The National Institute of Health in the USA carried out a study showing that Fibromyalgia sufferers who used hypnotherapy to manage their symptoms reported 80% fewer painful episodes as opposed to those who did not use hypnotherapy.

You may have noticed that Fibromyalgia often develops after a very stressful or traumatic experience. Hypnotherapy can deal with the root cause of the problem which can then clear the way to a clearer mind and body recovery. If we look at the co-existing symptoms like anxiety and stress, hypnotherapy can help you  feel better and better able to deal with Fibromyalgia as you learn to take control of your condition and control your pain.

A common symptom of Fibromyalgia is sleep deprivation. The quality of your sleep can be poor leaving you feeling continuously exhausted. Hypnotherapy can help to improve the quality of your sleep which in turn can improve your Fibromyalgia symptoms as your body requires rest to heal.

I will teach your mind how to control your own pain using self-hypnosis which can allow you to take control of your own life and by empowering you it puts you in a more positive frame of mind. As Fibromyalgia is a very distressing, debilitating condition affecting the quality of your life  it can lead to depression therefore it is important that your mind is healthy and hypnotherapy can help you with this.

I will teach your subconscious mind relaxation techniques which can be used to control breathing using the imagination to expel the pain and breathe in fresh, revitalising, energising air. Visualisation techniques can aid you with developing coping strategies to reduce symptoms and improve your life. These techniques have been proven to be very beneficial in aiding sufferers to manage their condition and lessen the severity of the symptoms.

Whilst hypnosis is not a cure for Fibromyalgia, it can certainly reduce the symptoms you experience, giving you control of your body and improving their quality of your life.

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