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Member of the HA

Hello I am Dr. David Postlethwaite. I am a Counselling Psychologist holding  a PhD., BSc. Psychology,  diploma in Psychotherapy and counselling and also a Diploma in Hypnotherapy.  I began using hypnosis in 1992.  Now I am  in my 25th successful year. Since first qualifying I have dealt with tens of thousands of satisfied clients.My practice has not only here in the North East of England but also nationally and internationally.

I am a member of the Hypnotherapy Association and adhere strictly to their guidelines on the use of hypnosis.

Making Therapy affordable

It has always been my belief that Hypnosis should be affordable to everyone.  My policy, always, to resist the current trend of persuading  clients that they will need more than one session. It is my professional opinion that almost all issues can be treat with only one session of hypnosis.  To imply that more than one is needed is in my opinion dishonest.

Dr David Postlethwaite

I offer a home visiting service in Hypnotherapy and Counselling across the North East of England. Also I offer a Skype service  nationally and internationally.

All therapies now available as MP3 Download at affordable prices, click here for details.

All issues, whether it is smoking,  weight or overcoming phobias can be dealt easily with in  one session .

Overcome fears and Phobias such as: Fear of Flying, fear of Spiders and basically any phobia you have.

Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking for the average cost of 1 weeks cigarettes .

It can also help you lose weight without the need for dieting.

A full Counselling service is also available for those who prefer a talking therapy.

Counselling and Hypnosis in your own home

Please  take a look at my site.  On each page I explain a little more about my services. Should you require any further information you can contact me on:


Visit me at my Gateshead consulting rooms or home visits across the North East of England.

Availability and prices:

Home visits – Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Home visits are available across the North East of England, From Morpeth and Ashington in the North to Middlesbrough and Darlington in the South. From Whitley Bay in the East to Hexham and Corbridge in the West
Home visits Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Only 7 minutes walk from Jesmond or West Jesmond Metro stations

Counselling £51 per session

Hypnotherapy £75





Gateshead Consulting Room, Rydal Street, Gateshead. (Behind Coatsworth road)

Counselling £45 per session

Hypnotherapy £65







Tel Landline

0191 440 8649 & 0191 645 50 60

or Mobile 07596 673319

The cost for Skype Hypnotherapy is £65:00

All therapies now available as MP3 Download at affordable prices, click here for details.

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