How to overcome fears and phobias

Hypnotherapy Phobias; Are you are one of the  many people whose lives are ruined by fears and phobias? Then you’ll know how annoying and sometimes debilitating  this can be. Maybe you are missing out on the pleasures of a family holiday due to your fear of flying. Or maybe you dread going into the bathroom in case you meet  a spider. If so you’ll be pleased to know that Hypnotherapy can offer an easy  answer to all your  problems.

Old Dangers

Phobias are a learned and excessive fear reaction, in Psychology we call this the ‘fight or flight’ reaction. They can occur where no danger is present for example in seeing a moth or a spider. They can happen in situations where an insignificant amount of danger is present such as flying or sea travel.

Hypnotherapy Phobias

Overcome all Phobias Easily with Hypnotherapy

Here the person experiencing phobic fear greatly over estimates the danger involved and underestimates their own coping abiity, in Psychology we call this the didactic stress model. A phobia can be related to almost any object or situation.

Most people who suffer with phobias know that their fears are not based in logic, not based on fact. However this doesn’t change the way they feel when they meet the feared object or situation. In fact most psychologists will tell you that phobias are actually the fear of fear. In other words the person experiencing them is as much concerned about their own fear reaction as with encountering the feared object or situation.

Hypnotherapy Phobias

There are  methods of effective Hypnotherapy treatment which can be used for multiple or more complicated phobias.

In the relaxed state of hypnosis most clients are able to face their fears .   This provides an even more powerful and speedy result. Thanks to skilled hypnotherapy treatment many past phobics now enjoy foreign travel or feel that it is safe to go into the bathroom.

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