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Consultant Hypnotherapist Dr David Postlethwaite – 25+ Years Experience

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Personal sessions by Skype in your own home.
Personal sessions by Skype in your own home.


The therapy is a live session carried out by myself and will last for approximately  one hour. In the first instance we will establish the nature and causes of your issue or problem. I will do this firstly from the information that you have given me from a free of charge telephone consultation.

Having established the nature of your problem or issue we will  then proceed to make you an appointment for the Hypnotherapy. I would advise that before proceeding that you use the sample download on the Hypnotherapy explained page by clicking here.  This will help you to experience of being in hypnosis and you will know what to expect.

Once you are ready to make your booking you can click on this link to be directed to the Worldpay secure payment page where you can pay for your appointment.

Having completed the session I will then give you a code allowing you to access and download (MP3) your session online for you to use on a daily basis. The MP3 Download is a further session and by using it daily for a month it helps to ensure that the changes we have brought about using Hypnotherapy are permanent.

You will of course need a good Skype internet connection and somewhere you can comfortably relax while watching your computer screen.

For further details  Call: 0191 645 50 60 or email Dr_pos@yahoo.co.uk

or use the contact form.

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