Hypnotherapy has been used in many professions including dentistry, medicine, psychotherapy and sports, as a performance enhancement tool. Sports hypnotherapy uses cognitive and sports science methodologies. Members of the Russian Olympic team are said to have made use of hypnotherapy as a performance-enhancing tool.


Hypnotherapy is one of several techniques that athletes may use to achieve their sporting goals and it is equally beneficial to coaches as well as athletes. Hypnotherapy may do for the mind what physical activity does for the body of an athlete The theory behind sports hypnotherapy is that relaxation is key to improved sporting performance and athletes may perform better if they are able to relax mentally and focus on the task at hand. Hypnotherapy may help athletes to relax both during practise and competition. Hypnotherapy may also help to control anxiety and manage stress in athletes.

The use of hypnotherapy in sports offers the following potential benefits that may help athletes:

  • Helps to reinforce established sporting goals
  • Aids athletes to better deal with anxiety
  • Contributes to relaxation
  • Facilitates stress management
  • Increases concentration
  • Eliminates sports phobia responses
  • Provides the ability to eliminate distractions
  • Assists in controlling pain
  • Increases performance motivation
  • Improves bodily awareness

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